Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Non-Regional Richmond Confirmed

The non-regional nature of Richmond, especially related to public transportation, was recently made apparent at the Fulton Design Days, a part of the LISC-sponsored visioning project for the Fulton neighborhood in eastern Richmond. The nearest location of comprehensive shopping and services for Fulton residents, such as a grocery store, is The Shops at White Oak Village in Henrico County. According to Google Maps, the trip is 2.7 miles, a five-minute car ride, a fifteen-minute bike ride and a 53-minute walk.
According to the GRTC's trip planner, to reach the same destination by bus (optimized to minimize travel time), the traveler must first ride a west-bound bus in the opposite direction for 16 minutes, transfer in downtown Richmond to an east-bound bus after a 25 minute wait, finally reaching the destination after a 30 minute ride. The total travel time is estimated to be one hour and twenty-one minutes. Crazy.

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