Friday, June 25, 2010

Stayspace 2010!

As promised, here are the boards we entered for the 2010 Green Spaces Competition, hosted by JRGBC :

This Year's Design Prompt:

Last year’s Play Space challenge asked entrants to develop a recreational green space solution on the 10 acre Fulton Gas Works parcel to be shared by the surrounding community.  Entrants were asked to consider the existing on-site infrastructure, Richmond culture and climate and to develop a solution that not only conserves natural resources but feeds back into the grid.
Building off of last year’s Play Space challenge, this year’s entrants are asked to look at the remaining 34 +/- acres on the Greater Fulton Gas Works site and develop a plan or design for that land that provides space for living, working, recreation or something entirely different if it feels right.  The site can be designed for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural development or something different and unexpected.  

This year’s competition challenge is meant to provide real and inspiring solutions to the land-use questions that face the City of Richmond.  Our current development decisions put into play a series of events that dictate the future environmental, social, and economic course of a property for generations to come and far beyond the immediate development impacts and costs. Stay Space is a place that aspires to change the way we look at development. It is a place that looks to the future and aims to provide the support necessary to achieve carbon neutrality on a community scale.

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